The decision support system for service-repair service of industrial enterprises

  1. Full project name : “The decision support system for service-repair service of industrial enterprises in the time of diagnosing the equipment and searching the malfunctions”

    The program has the following characteristics:

    1. The class of the system: The decision support system;
    2. The system with knowledge storing and their modifying;
    3. Client-server technology (3 tier architecture);
    4. Work into heterogeneous networks of the data transferring;


    The system is developing as multi component product:

    1. The server part:
    2. The separated application server;
    3. The data base server under management by the Microsoft SQL Server 2008;
    4. The client part:
    5. The work place based on PC;
    6. The mobile client based on compact PC (or communicator);
    7. The structured data base of the knowledges about industrial equipment;


    The program will allow the following:


    1. Creating the electronic passport of the enterprise equipment;
    2. Creating the electronic repair maps and maps of the equipment service;
    3. Creating the knowledge base about searching the malfunctionson the equipment unit;
    4. Using the ready knowledge bases about searching the malfunctions “from equipment manufacturer”;
    5. Fixing malfunctions and their causes;
    6. Forming the analytical reports about malfunctions on the enterprise equipment;
    7. Providing interaction with control systems of level of the enterprise;
    8. Providing exchanging the knowledge bases about diagnostics and repair of the enterprise equipment;